Best way to dry big buds

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#1 you need airflow. You don’t want those buds all bunched up. Give them space so air can move around them. Don’t need fans blowing directly on them, but some gentle air movement is good.


So don’t dry the whole tree :evergreen_tree: as one bud do I cut sugar leaves off now and if so do I dry them or do I freez them in the freezer ???

I usually hang mine up whole plant for 2 weeks then whatever isn’t ready gets cut down to smaller branches and goes in a hanging dryer in my drying tent. I try to keep my temp from 65-75 and rh from 50-60% after reading thru some posts on this forum I’ve found this tool that im going to try on this harvest i just started drying yesterday


I do a wet trim and divide the plant up so it gets good airflow…

Should I try and cut them up ??

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