Best way to dry and cure

Want to find out what’s the easyest and best way of drying and Curing

Sure I’ll look at your way. What is it?


All different strains… just find it hard to dry when the weather in Australia changes to a wet cooler season. Doing outside grow.

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I see your looking at ways, I thought it was like a TV ad “Hey want more beautiful skin?” I use a small tent if the harvest wasn’t too big with a fan blowing above & a fan blowing below neaither fan is pointed directly at the buds that are hanging between them. Around 65* F and Rh around 60%. I leave some of the fan leaves on them (depending on how bushy is was at harvest) to slow down the drying. at around 5 days I then remove the fan leaves & give a little trim to the buds. At around 7 to 10 days (depends on the density of the bud) I finsh the trim & jar them to start the cure (opening the bottles daily to exchange air) for a few months & them I use a vacuum sealing machine & a lid sucking device to seal them till it’s show time. Larger harvests I just go bigger on the space, dark space that is.


Got a spare fridge you use for beer? Hang your weed in there - its cool and dark and keeps a constant humidity.

Thanks but only have room


@pillsbury has you covered nicely.

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