Best way to do an auto outdoors

I’m thinking of doing an auto outdoors. Was wondering if I could sail the seed for 24 hours then put it in some sort of pot that will dissolve(?) so it can grow into the soil.
What do you all recommend for an outdoor auto?

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I say start your seed. If you want to use a degradable pot you can, but I don’t like them. While your seedling is getting started, make sure you prepare your site. pH the soil and amend as needed.

When you place her, make sure you protect her with some type of “cage” until she’s big enough to survive any rodents or other animals.

I’ve grown two to harvest and was well satisfied! This year I’m trying two inside, but the rest will be under the Sun.

Hope this helps get you on your way…


How much direct light do you recommend? @FloridaSon

I would say that depends on the temps she’ll experience through the grow. Here I try to keep them in filtered light during the hottest part of the day because of the heat and humidity I get.

This will change as I prepare for fall plantings as the temps start to drop. Then I will select a site that gets as much direct light as I can.

No matter where you place them, try to get the earliest direct light that you can. That will allow the dew to burn off the quickest. I like full Sun early and late in the day with the light filtered through my Live Oaks during the hottest part.

All depends on your local climate where the best placement would be. If you plant in a container, you could move her as needed. If you’re going in the ground, you really need to study your site at different times of the year to find the best spot.

I figured it would take me a few cycles to finally settle on my best location for this new property. Autos are easier to decide once you learn your property because the life cycle is so short. One season and she’s done instead of your grow going for most of the year.

Would have replied sooner, but I had to shoot over to my brother’s house…


Thanks @FloridaSonim in mass. I think the days are hot and nights are cool. I have a spot I think will work going for in ground.


I’d love to see it. I wish more people grew outdoors. I guess more will as laws continue to change.

I’m stupid in my rebellion I guess, but no one has any right to tell me I can’t grow a plant. Mom learned that the quickest way to get me to do something was to tell me I can’t!

My wife doesn’t tell me what I can’t do…


It will be next to other “weeds” that will hopefully camouflage but I have 10 ww auto seeds so I am thinking of just trying it and not babysitting it too much or stressing over it. If it works it works. Planting may 1st in the soil after 1-2 weeks

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I’m also thinking of doing an auto outdoors also. Not exactly sure on how to check the pH of the soil though, I plan on planting them directly into the ground. Last year I did this and they turned out great without me adding any nutrients and never feeding. I plan on feeding them aggressively this time, since they will be outdoors. But I’d also love to hear any advice or tips on the subject! @FloridaSon @Careg



Turn up the ground where you would like to plant. Take some soil and mix with water 1:1 ratio. Let sit for 24hrs and then run it through a coffee filter. Check the pH as you normally would.

Shake or stir a few times while it’s soaking…


:tractor: Yay to everyone outdoor growing directly in the ground :tractor:
I’m not sold on auto since my grow is a 9-10 month undertaking. Starting indoors in Feb and finishing outdoors in October. Autos grow from seed to harvest in less time than my girls spend in Veg.
I wish everyone growing could experience all of the benefits of outdoor growing.
Firstly the financial freedom of outdoor cultivation

  • Free Dirt - your yard
  • Free water - the rain
  • Free light -the sun

Then the bonus
The excessive yields produced by just about any strain grown outdoors are merely icing on the outdoor grower’s cake.

Way DownEast veg occurs from Feb-May before they even get outside. Then it’s another 6-9 weeks until late August early Sept when they start their respective flowering period to mature anytime after mid September through October. It’s typically a 9-10 month cycle for me depending on a few factors including temps, humidity, specific orientation to the sun and strain. Some of the garden starts to receive shade before the rest and those typically ripen first.
Auto flower just seems like it wouldn’t grow big enough at maturity. I’d have to grow 5x as many!


But if you started the autos at the same time, you could have a harvest while the others are in full veg.

i dropped two autos in January. Two more in February. On the 15th of this month I’ll drop two more.

Doing it this way I’ll get a couple ounces every month until I can harvest the photos outside. My first two autos are inside with the mothers so I can compare the auto results from indoor and outdoor.

I also plan on comparing them in pots vs in the ground. I already have two sites prepared for them to go in the yard.

I saw you were going to end your account here. I’m glad to see you’re still around…


thanks man. I’m glad I made the choice to stay.
I tend to become wary of maintaining any kind of online presence. I’d taken great measures to stay under the radar and keep my online presence to the bare minimum prior to discovering ILGM


I’ve never run out between harvests. Boveda and LeakTite are my friends.

Would a good place be where I see regular weeds growing?

Should be fine. The weeds show that the soil can sustain life. You’ll just be weeding throughout your grow, which I think actually helps the aeration of the soil. Plus some weeds actually help bring nutrients up from lower levels.


I plan on doing something like this next season here too. Im sure i read clover was one of those >good weeds


I use clover as green fertilizer, let it grow for season , then turn over the soil…make sure you grow annual clover, not perennial, you will never get rid of it…:slight_smile:


May I ask what your harvest was?


If you’re asking about the autos, I haven’t harvested yet. The first two are in the first week of pre-flower. I figured my earliest expected date is 4/18. I believe it will take a little longer because I don’t have proper environmental control.

I’ll be satisfied with a 1/4lb. Hell, being my first time indoor, I’ll be happy with half of that. Outside is my home.

Ask me again in May :wink: