Best way to do a slurry test . Anyone and everyone opinons count

This is something i have only had to do once before and if i remember correctly then i thik i know what is causing my problem thats the reason for this topic i have 3 babies different strains all in the same medium same mixed soil and perlite bio nova soil which i always use the only thing that both issues is one of the ingredients i used in my soil and perlite and its the perlite twice i order it online and this is 2nd time so now i must check my soils ph and need to make up a slurry which i forgotten how i should do it i get its as simple as ur water and soil mixed but question is do you use the same water you do wen watering ur plants. ?? Anyone

Use distilled water if it’s available. But as long as it’s pH neutral, just mix maybe a 1/2 cup of water with a Tbsp or so of your soil. Mix it up good, then test it.

Step by step instructions here, under " How to Test Soil Using the Slurry Method"