Best vape recipe and method. And go

Best vape recipe and method. And go…


I use the quick was method then add some organic terpenes as thinner and load carts.Easy peasy

Can you elaborate with the steps or where I can find the technique please

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Just decarb your weed,put in a qusrt jar and cover with alcohol, I use Everclear,shake for 10 minutes and freeze overnight.Shake again and then filter .Evaporate alcohol with a fan over a coue days.The sticky oil will be left.Add terpenes to dilute and load carts.Lots of videos on U tube,some variance in methods but basically the same.

I use a non stick pan and point a pan over top of it to evaporate the alcohol and you can get terps online.

If you want without added terps there is this option also.
I have not used this one but have used Farm to Vape liquidizer

710 Pure - Organic Liquidizer (30 mL) Flavorless Diluent Solution for Concentrates, Wax, Shatter, Distillates, Extracts, Wax, and Resins - East Coast Terpenes