Best vape oil cartridges?

What are the cleanest purist safest cartridges out there for cannabis oil? I recently started vaping the liquid thc to cut down the smell since my 8 year old told me I smell like fart.
Does anyone have experience with the cartridges


My wife & I were smoking our vape pen with oil cartridges for a while but all the ones we tried just tasted different. Not really good or bad just different than smoking flower. We decided to go back to the bong lol

There are, however, vape pens that allow you to smoke flower. These are usually the ‘rig’ edition pens I believe. We might try that next.


Hey @SourD
In my grow journal I took and made some vape cartridges from shatter.
It works nice and is very strong.

I would stay away from flavorings if you’re worried about safety. They use some nasty stuff that is questionable. Essential oils seem ok to add for flavor as long as it is therapeutic grade and vapor distilled not pressed.

I have bought like 4 different vape pens and they all hit worse than a tightly rolled joint. I just bought something called a mod in the vape community and it hits FAT like big bong rips style.

I am a huge fan of the idea of making your own vape solutions to control the ingredients. You wouldn’t freakin believe what falls under “natural flavors”
Some additives use fermaldahyde and stuff…no thanks!


There are tons of choices. I was looking for something inexpensive that I could have multiple cartridges with different strains. I found one from VapeMood dot com that is a 510 buttonless version. It works awesome. I like the glass cartridge one.

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Thanks all. I’m trying to find the purest and best lab tested for my health. I wouldn’t trust myself making it. I’ll start with cannabutter first. I’ve tried pure vape which works pretty good. I didn’t like the gold drop very much. Cartridges tasted too perfume like

You are looking for brass knuckels. Its a super premium concentrate superior quartz cartridge 510 thread 8watt max capability for the ultimate flavor experience. They are lab tested, contaminant free. NO POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL OR GLYCERIN. Most potent thc cartridge available. For 60$ for a gram of fire oil i think its worth it. These are the best vape cartridge out there that taste the best and wont leak out ever… i had sfv og indica and it tasted like pure wax. Iv tried the Gorilla Glue flavor, it tasted extremely lemon limey with that great wax taste . I would recomend these over any other brand, try them you will be blown away on taste quality and the high and its the purest on the market

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Thanks. I thought they were putting out bad stuff. Did you hear about that?

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I havent heard anything about that. The ones i bought didnt have no problems being smoked. I also tried red dragon extracts a watermelon flavored one , it was pretty good, tasted exactly like watermelon now and later, but didnt have the bud/wax taste like the brass knuckels. I think brass knuckels is the best. They also have a abracadbra line which is fire too.

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