Best USB microscope

What is the best USB microscope for checking tricones?

Following this one. Not happy with what I have.

I don’t have a scope, but might need one come harvest time. Sign me up

What not to get:

USB Microscope, Teslong Portable Multi-Function Soldering Magnifier Camera with 10-200 Magnification IP67 Waterproof for Android, Mac and Windows PC

The software is pretty good, and that is hard to find with these types of products; however, what you are looking at needs to be perfectly flat. If it is not and you are trying to look at something that has contours, then most of it will be out of focus. Here’s an example:


I got one from Amazon with the app for like 25$ it’s pretty good but hard to hold steady when taking pictures in hard to access spot

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They are all the same.
They have the near exact same design just different colors and sellers.
They are all 15-50$ and go from 40x - 1000 or 4000x.

I swear there is only one or two manufacturers and they just have different resellers


Kind of like the burples, I suppose.

Do you experience similar focus issues with what you are using? What I have works, I just have to spend a lot more time and sample more areas to be confident with an assessment.


I have this one and wouldn’t be without it. Focus one way and it gives you standard zoom wind it fully the other way and you have the x1000 xoom

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Looks exactly like mine and 99% of all of them lol.

Focusing is hard in anything but yeah it comes with practice and patients, I rest the scope right in the bud with lights off and just use the built in led


I do it the same way. It’s the only way to get it steady enough to take pictures. Like you say it comes with practice and patience :sunglasses:

I tape it to my camera tripod .


I’ve been having luck with a jeweler’s loupe and my phone. Hold the loupe in front of my phone’s camera lense and snap some pics then blow them up in the photo gallery. Take a couple tries to get a pic that’s in focus but gets the job done


@Konflict I tried that and failed miserably. Good to know it works even though I failed :sunglasses:

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I use the one that clips to your phone, the light swings out, has a blue light too but don’t know what that is for, I use the white light, I can get pretty good pics with it, zoom you camera all the way and clip it on, then you can take pics, got tired of taking pics and now just open the jaw up and cram my eyeball on there and although it is small I can see little red round balls when it it’s ready to harvest, and I can see the clear ones and cloudy ones, Pics are nice, but I just use my eyes now as it gets old trying to get good pics on my phone, also the red hairs and sticky gum it all up too, they are on amazon, I posted on that wasn’t on amazon and got scolded, won’t do that again. :crazy_face:
Here is the one on amazon so you know what it looks like


I also bought this one, works pretty good, use the usb port on your phone hold it steady.


I think @imSICKkid has one he likes… see what he says.


I think I got the one he got.

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Too expensive ! Just buy one of the many 40 buck varieties available. You can buy hand held usb microscopes that cost a pretty big chunk of change, but really most of the less expensive ones will do fine. Some are really nice though and are mostly used by jewelers or circuit board designers, you don’t need that for photographing trichomes. In fact, if photographs arent in your future, you can use a loupe, they are pretty cheap! Even iphone and android have a magnify app that is just barely good enough but will work. I snapped this in a hurry and I known I could have gotten better focus.

I think the last one was in slightly better focus but the plant was swaying in the breeze lol


I have the one Sparkie posted. The key to getting any good trichome pictures is to snip a tiny peice of bud and sit down at a table to give yourself stability. Then you’ll get pictures like this


Or just really steady hand and snapping g hundreds of pics of the cola…

I’ve got the same as you both also