Best to increase yeild

I use the 3 part flora nuets for hydro. I am growing hulk and a week into flower. What can i use to increase yeild. Some have told me to use big bud and cotton candy. But i dont know how this will work with what im using. I use calmag and hydro guard also. Any advice. Thank you. I have a marz hydro tl 2000 light. So im fine on that just want a flower boost

I use koolbloom,its from general hydroponics too. They are two kinds,a liquid and dry. You want the dry,Its a pk booster

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@nodurxshn may have some advice here regarding nutrients.

Are you running one plant or multiple and in what size space?

The best thing I can really tell you is yields are often linked to a couple key factors outside of genetics - environment and space. Light is part of environment. Technically so is space but really “space” is meant to say you will find a “ceiling” where your square footage cannot produce more than it is producing. I.e. a 3x3 grow space might typically average around 300g per grow regardless of how many plants, because it all works together.

My personal thoughts on flowering nutes;
I use Flower Fuel, sometimes. Mother of all blooms (MOAB) from Mad Farmer more often than the Flower Fuel. Bud Candy and other things like it are carbohydrates, which are more designed to be food for your plant microbes than your plant, if I’m recalling that correctly. I’d suggest a PK booster like @Dave says - FF and MOAB both are also PK boosters. Carbohydrate bloom products have their place, but I’d sooner use Recharge. More benefits (sugars, microbes, some beneficial acids).

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big bud, bud candy and bud igniter and then late phase bloom start rampin up with overdrive and tarantula …i only use half strength though, a lil goes a long way with advanced nutrients, you can also supplement carboload from AN but i didnt really notice much of a difference

GH is my first love and im really thinking of going back after running with AN for a while, just a better experience for a fraction of the cost but yes koolbloom is amazing i use dry/liquid in conjunction alternating each feed

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