Best time to transplant auto if I must

First time grow and didn’t know I can’t transplant so it’s in a solo cup (seedling). I have other non autos so it’s not that big of a deal just rookie mistake.

You can transplant it …it’ll be okay


Ok so sooner the better? Thanks

Only sooner the better because it’s stressing you out! …go ahead and do it, it’ll be fine, most people start them and then transplant them at some point

I just transplanted a couple last week they’re doing fine


Thanks for the info!

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i’m a first time indoor grower and have found that transplanting during veg. stage is not a problem. in fact mine would flourish even more when i did. i don’t advise doing this during flowering though,only because i have not done it before. hope this helps @Fever

Did you have autos?


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Transplanting is very simple thing to do. And if you need help and or support just ask and i’ll be more than happy to help you out



I transplanted my ww autos (my first grow) and no issues. Mind you next time I won’t transplant but you live and learn. I watered with a couple of drops of super thrive after that they grew like a weed😂

@garrigan62 question about transplanting, say we start with clones, can they be transplanted into the pots that they will veg and flower in say a 50 gallon smart pot?