Best time to start second batch

I have an auto so that one is first. Also I have 5 other non auto. Fast forward…planning to flower with 3 in separate tent.
2 left (auto harvested already)
Start clones and germinate seedlings (when?)
Move 2 into flower when first 3 done.
@Majiktoker @garrigan62

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Germinate seeds 4 weeks away from harvest if perpetually growing and for clones any time as of 2 weeks in flower and later @Fever, hope this helps


Thank You I was just going to ask that very question Cody.

We also don’t know from which plants he’s going to clone from. That make a huge difference. Cloning from Auto’s is much different then a flowering two week fem

Please put up pic’s of the plants


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Very good point will and my pleasure brother, @Fever is it the autos you are wanting to clone or the photoperiods.

If they are autos @garrigan62 can guide if they are the photoperiods he and I both will gladly guide you @Fever

Photo only for clones as that was the plan.

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Ok @Fever I stated perfect advice above :slight_smile:

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