Best time to plant in Southwest Virginia

I’m getting ready to plant my seeds outside in pots. I’m using WW and SSH seeds. I’m wondering what the lowest temps can get at night and the seeds and babies survive. I was hoping to plant them the beginning of May, but the temps at night are still down in the 40’s here.
Any advice would be great.

For small plants they need to thrive in a warm environment. If I wanted to grow outside in Southwest Virginia; I would call the Local County agent, and ask him what is the earliest I can plant my Tomatoes outside. All growers start their Tomatoes in starters and transplanting up to 3", and maybe 6" before they would transplant into garden. You may need a smasll outdoor poly greenhouse. They make some pretty small now. I have a 4’x4’x60’, and a 5’x6’x6.5’ I use to keep my seedlings and young plants out of the weather. You could even run a small radiant heater in this area if you so choose. Peace, lw

Thanks for the advice. I’ll check with the locals and find out when they set out their tomatoes. A little heater really isn’t possible where I put the pots, as I have to keep my camouflage in mind.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

I just looked up the Farmer’s Almanac for this area. It said the best time to plant the tomato seeds is mid May. That sounds about right … when the temps don’t get too cold at night. Fresh tomatoes sound pretty good … think I’ll put some in the ground with the WW and SSH.

I’em in E.Tenn same temps as you. If you are just starting to germinate seeds, I would think it would be perfect timing. By the time they get 6" to 8" high It will be June and perfect weather to plant them outside


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Garrigan … thanks for the heads up.

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Hey no problem MT have a great grow and keep us posted.


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I’m so damn impatient waiting for the low temps at night to climb a bit. I’m ready to start my garden!!