Best time to harvest

Ok, so I recently harvested 2 gold leafs and got a few oz. Normally I would buy from my local dispensary. I’ve only had a few grows and pretty much everytime I’ve harvested it’s been at maybe 5% red in the trichomes.

Now I’m back to buying from the dispensary since I still have a couple months until harvest. But everything I smoke is giving me terrible couch lock I don’t wanna do anything. Is this what happens when you get used to smoking your own :joy::joy:. Any suggestions on strains, seeds or products that can help. I like to feel happy and energetic, I feel like a zombie from the stuff Im getting. It seems like they don’t harvest anything under 50% red.

Did you let your bud reach a full cure before smoking on it?

Not, all of it but I still have some left. What I have now and what I’ve been smoking for the last couple weeks was dried for 6 days and cured for over a month. I just smoked some and now I feel at least a little even. I smoked some Kobe Gelato I got for wake and bake and I could barley move.

Gold Leaf would be a nighttime smoke for me (and was).

Daytime strains I enjoy:

Sour Diesel
Purple Haze
Fruit Punch
GSC can be a little rough for some

This statement worries me: are you judging by pistils or trichomes? This is what trichomes should look like:

You need to use a loupe or 'scope.

How about a picture of the plant at harvest?


Yes, trichomes. Pistils we’re about 75-80% brown or reddish

That’s a pic of the bud and this is about 8 weeks in I let them go another week or so before harvest



It might just be where i bought the gelato from. I gave alot of gold leaf to friends and I’ve gotten alot of compliments. I’ve tried switching it up when I buy at the dispensary and I’ve just never felt that sluggish before.