Best time of day to harvest?

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Ive heard early morning or night time is best before the noon sun has cooked the thc and terps or after they had time to recover some


Before sun comes up. Also, looks like yours won’t be ready for a few more weeks.

i try to do it first thing in the AM…

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Thanks for your input. Can you elaborate more about why you think they are a few weeks out for harvesting?

Based on the white pistils looks like she will still fatten up a bit you won’t have nearly as many white when you harvest


Thanks for the info. Photo 1 is OG Kush, 2-4 White Widow, 6 is OGKush-CBD.

if you have a loupe check the tric’s… pistols can mislead on some strains but i would also say wait a bit based off of the amount of white pistols still coming out

Welcome. Definitely get a loupe so you’re not guessing and can get the right desires effects. 20$

Congrats on a great looking grow!!
When it comes to harvesting we all get impatient. Once you get 95% of your pistils brown, look at the trichomes on the buds (not the leaves around the buds). When the trichomes are milky your plant is at peak THC. However, some want the couchlock effect. If this is you, wait til the trichomes turn brown. Its always up to you and what you want. If part of your plant is ready and the other isn’t, you can take the buds that are ready and wait til the others get ready and then harvest them. Hopefully we have answered your question. Great job!


Thanks! The pistils turning brown and watching the trichomes sounds like a plan. I’ve been watching the trichomes and they appear milky to me so I will watch the pistils as well. Weather is turning colder so I will lower the sides of my high tunnel for frost protection and keep monitoring.

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