Best tape to cover light leaks

I have a puzzler, I have just had the joyous task of trying to split my 8’ tent in half. I have the mylar and enough kit to run both sides. One veg and one flower. I have 5 photo seedlings which are about 4" tall, my monster clone which is nearing harvest and I’ve also ended up with 2 autos, so I need to split my tent temporarily. I have a 600w MH and a 600w HPS 2ft from each other and trying to kill the light leaks is a nightmare. The light keeps coming through the duct tape. Is there a specific tape you guys use that stops the light poking through

Aluminum dryer tape is shiny on one side.


Good call.


I need some of that in my life. Good shout

@Covertgrower I think it’s called duct board tape like the heat and air people use to put your forced air heat duct together with it has aluminum foil backing light will not penetrate. Happy New Year my friend


picture of example of tape used between filter and exhaust fan to assure no leaks.


The water proof aluminum tape, shiny on one side, has a bit of foam thickness to it, has work well for me


Spray flex seal. I did it to mine and it works great. I also use duct tape around the inside sewn corners and such


@kellydans thanks for the heads up on the tape. Tidy job that’s been done around the fan and filter.
@AfgVet I will look for the foam backed stuff as well
@HornHead I will google spray flex seal
@Covertgrower, @dbrn32 thank you for replying and I will have a look at everything suggested. I do have an uncanny ability to create hermies :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Happy new year :beers::beers:

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Thanks! that is sound deadener mat I put on fan housing peel-and-stick.