Best super soil reccomendations?

Whats up growmies :handshake: First grow is coming to and end in a few weeks, time to start preparing for the next. Gonna run some tropicana cookie photos, and was looking for some good super soil reccomendations. I was thinking of trying this out and filling with Roots Organic potting soil. Anyone try this stuff before? Or best to just go with something like Fox Farms? Any help/advice/recommendations would be appreciated! : Super Soil Organic Concentrate : Patio, Lawn & Garden

I used nature’s living soil for a couple grows it worked fine

Fox Farm Happy Frog with Fox Farm all purpose dry fertilizer. 10 to 15% perlite. Worm castings half cup per gallon of soil. Unsulfured molasses 1 tablespoon per gallon of warm water every third watering. Top dress with Fox Farm fruit and flower when you switch to flower. With autoflowers I skipped the all purpose mixed into the soil and just go with the fruit and flower by the time the nutrients are available the plant will need the extra phosphorus.