Best strains to withstand heat outdoors

With outdoor temperatures regularly hitting 35 - 40c what strains can best withstand, or even like strong heat?

White widow is one of the more resilient strains for tough environmental conditions.

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Thanks, but my 1st post with photo of severely curled up leaves is White Widow!

I have a couple Wedding Glue autos on the deck from 484 genetics. Heat index 109 yesterday followed by a veritable downpour with 30 mph gusts and they weren’t phased a bit. I thought about bringing them inside before the storm but thats as far as I got, I went to bed!

This post? White widow isn’t mentioned. Only gelato and hindu kush. Do you have another post out there discussing a white widow plant?

You may find this helpful:


Sorry mate, got them mixed up! It’s Hindu Kush with the curled leaves. The White Widow is in the drying space now!

Great article, thanks.

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My super skunk has done exceptional outside. The lowest temp she has seen during the day has been 75 but its been in the high 80s-90s last 3weeks. I actually had to check my seed bags to make sure it was a super skunk and indeed she is :call_me_hand:

I’m in SC.heat n humidity thru the roof.I’ve got Godfather OG and GirlScout Cookies Extreme doing very well outside.they are about 1week into flower which is about 2 weeks early compared to previous years.
Hopefully Mother Nature will be good to me come September.

Im growing super skunk also they growing in 90 to 95 they can handle heat pretty good happy growing my friend