Best strains for the Northeast

Hi there!
I live in the northeast and new to growing. I’m looking for a strain that doesn’t take a lot of work and will grow in the climate of the Northeast. Any suggestions ?
Thanks !!

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Northern Lights

White Widow did beautifully for me last year.

Depends where in the northeast. Southern parts near the ocean have a much different climate (subtropical) than northern parts inland. But generally, you’ll want something rot resistant.

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Yes i think you would want a good mold resistant strain. The humidity is a problem in my area.
Maybe try a land race strain. Durbun poison or Thia Sativa would be good for mold resistance but have a long growing season and would probably need an indoor start.
ILGM seed web site has a mold resistance category that can help you choose


I would look into fast flowering strains, or super autos. Its a photoperiod plant crossed with an auto. You wont get pure auto traits, but shorter finishing times which would prevent alot of problems do to cool rainy weather. They will finish too. I use to give away lots of super autos or fast finishers to guys up north and they did great. Usually around 105 days from start to finish…

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