Best Strains For Sexy Times

@lovenature thanks that is a new one that I haven’t heard much on. What do you think makes SLH special?

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Well, I can speak personally that it’s quite energizing… Gives me amnesia it seems too…LOL…at least more than normal, so maybe it let’s the inhibitions down so things do not matter anymore?? I know I’ve had times I don’t want to remember!!!LOL! :smiling_face:Hell I don’t know… @madman2022

It also generally helps me let go of thoughts bangin’ around in my head , quite well , but I have to guess this might be any strain to the rt. person …

@lovenature I think that is what i’m going to see as well. The big thing I think that helps is just finding something that helps you relax. No magic pill out there. But I guess I would like to know how the different strains effects play a difference in once your relax what are you in the mood for or what changes said mood he he.