Best strains for RDWC grow

A question from a fellow grower:

“Hi, I wanted to reach out to see if you could give advice on what is my best option I am growing in a 4x8 tent with two 1000watt LEDs My system is the current culture RDWC Could you tell me which strains you would recommend that would be best fitting for my RDWC current culture as well as for the amount of grow space I have I am a huge fan of sativa But I am open for recommendations for something that would WOW me with end results in weight as well as potency in my grow My livelihood depends on it ,as I was hit head on and now disabled and unable to work now I have grown very passionate about this plant and growing it Thanks for any help you are able to provide , I am extremely greatful”

Any strain you’d choose would work well in hydro. We’ve pretty much seen them all in that form at some point.
We would love to have you on the forum.

I would say your best bets are:
Amnesia Haze

Blue Dream

Both of these are 80% Sativa hybrids with a potential 21% THC and very high yield.

Get on over here and get in on the forum it’s a great idea not only for grow tips but on products to buy so you don’t waste money. What size is your grow area and how tall can your spot handle is a good idea to consider. With some bending and LST you go with anything. Look forward to seeing ya around and beat if luck.