Best strains for outside grow in southern illinois

We grew 5 plants last year in pots. They all did great until September when the buds started getting bud rot or fungus on them. Lost 75 percent of buds to this. We have alot of humidity and dews here in late august and September. Thanks for advice. We also had some pest problems with amphids we believe.

I’ve grown several strains outdoors in Michigan’s U.P. and gold leaf, and amnesia Haze so far have been the most resilient against Bud rot for my climate. Also very humid here in the fall, actually all summer long.

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Did you have many best problems? Do you grow in the ground or a pot. How far apart do you space them?

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I do get some pests, but so far nothing that was able to wipe out any of the crop. Distance between plants? Couple of miles on some of them :sunglasses:
Seriously I never put the plants next to each other and they’re spread all throughout property. I used to just plant them in the ground and leave them until fall, now I dig holes and fill them with chicken and rabbit compost, top off with potting soil and put Plants directly in the Earth.


Have you considered a greenhouse

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Not really dont think i could where i live

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White widow is among the strains that are mold resistant. It won’t completely eliminate the chance of mold, but it will reduce the chance.


Maybe you could check out the “fast” strains.
They’re feminized photo period plants but I guess they’re crossed with a gene from Ruderalis. like autos, but they don’t automatically flower, but when they do flower by the light schedule, the buds grow and mature faster than regular fem seeds do.
I grew NYD and Granddaddy Purple outside last year and lost a qp or more to rot on each GDP, less on the NYD, but it took much longer to finish being sativa, and pushed real close to frost weather.
One of the freebies I got in a recent seed order was 2 GDP “fast” fems.
I’m seriously considering that for one or two of my outdoor plants this summer, despite having probably 3/4 of a pound left from last years plants.
I really want to see these “fast” seeds in action.

Best of Luck to you!!

  • Oh yeah- welcome to the forum!!
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Any of them , where would like to start?
Sativa Dominant
Indica Dominant
Hydrid 50/50
60/40 70/30 its all out there to be grown ! Do 5 of each if you ask me !

Ya to bad you can’t do a greenhouse, I’ve been growing outdoors in Michigan for years and that the only way I can eliminate mold and bod rot. Good luck.

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Pennywise, Goldleaf, and 2 LA Confidentials.

This is one of the LA’s.


Wowza. Nice house for the girls

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So you put the cover on in late August or when

AN Autoflower variety might be a good addition to whatever you decide to grow.
Start a couple first of May then a couple more first of June. Should mature around 12 weeks or so.
Surely the ones ready in August and September would make it.
Late September and October always seems so humid and mold everywhere.

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You are the second person to recommend this.

I second that and add Northern Lights to the list and am mighty interested in the cross between them " Crystal "

Yes I close it up mid September, and run2 large dehumidifiers, haven’t lost anything to mold or rot since. Before I would lose 50% every year.

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Im close to st louis and late summer humidity is horrible so we stick to autos outside. They tend to finish before the late summer dew and humidity gets too bad.

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I ran some auto’s outside last year and ended up with mold on some of them. Only ones that didn’t
was GSCE. Had them picked by end of August.


I like lemon og haze not a lot of pests or mold. Sprayd regular with ded bug .