Best Strains for making edibles


I would prefer not to smoke for health reasons . So my question is one strain better then others to cook with ? Thanks in advance for any answers .


You can cook with any strain. I don’t really think there’s any difference.


Thanks I really did not know . The last time I made any was years ago . So I had no idea if one was better then another for cooking.


I read on then ilgm seed site (think it was ilgm ) that there is a difference eg they said gorilla glue #1 is better to make edibles then gorilla glue #4 not sure why tho, so by that I do think there is a difference


The only real difference I would see is using a sativa instead of an indica for different effects.


“Most people find the taste of Gorilla Glue quite delicious, making it work quite well for edibles. Gorilla Glue #1 is the best choice for making edibles since Gorilla Glue #4 occasionally has an unpleasant undertone or aftertaste to it. ”.

I agree with the most difference would be between the sativa and indica strains.


I agree with @raustin
The only difference would be amount of cdb and thc in starting product