Best strains for certain climates

This will be my first time growing anything besides corn, beans, peas, etc. But, I need suggestions on what strains would do best and be most productive in central alabama? Building an indoor closet grow also. 4’ x 2.5’. need help with indoor lights on that project

Indoor grow you can grow whichever strain you want because you are in control of the environment that’s the reason for growing Indoors except to hide it lol and lights imo choosing lights is the hardest part of building a grow room. How much money you have to spend on lights, the space you are growing in, and what is your expectations for your grow. Imo the middle level lights are the way to go unless money is not a factor but Mars hydro or spider farmer are the way to go, but hlg has good quality lights they’re just a little more expensive, of course Amazon has a ton of good cheap lights that will work, then of course the top shelf lighting like thegreensunshineco. has imo the best light out there and many other top brands I call dream lights lol

As MeEasy said any strain indoors as you control the weather. Being in Alabama I would suggest a good fan & carbon filter for your closet cuz when they flower your secret won’t be a secret too long without it.

Just do a google search of “outdoor winter cannabis strains”….look around….nothing is impossible :sunglasses::v:t2: