Best strains for cancer

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Can you please tell me which the best variety to grow to assist in the healing process for cancer?

Go on YouTube and search for rick Simpson. He makes an oil out of weed plants which many believe cures cancer. I can’t say I have first hand experience but it makes a whole lot of sense. He also claims that the heavy indica strains are best for those who are using cannabis for treatment of any illness because it is supposed to be more relaxing and helps with sleep opposed the Sativa heavy strains which are more energetic.


I don’t think we can throw around the word “cure”. Cancer is a lot of different diseases. Even if it starts in a particular base cell type like prostate or ovary, several different things can go wrong in the genes to start it growing. Cannabis may knock it out completely in one patient and be pretty ineffective in another, just like the new immune therapies. Even if it doesn’t directly affect the tumor, it IS anti-inflammatory, relieves pain, helps you sleep, and improves your appetite. Those four things may help your immune system attack the cancer. There’s some evidence we all get cancer all the time and normally our immune systems clean it out. So it is very useful to get your immune system running at maximum efficiency.


I think saying it’s a cure for the pain and sickness from the cancer and all the treatments is more like it. Not a cure for cancer itself :wink: I would definitely go with an indica strain. Like previously mentioned…it is for relaxation, sleep, eating, headaches, body aches and pains, stress. And u don’t need to smoke it everytime…u can make oil for cooking, budder for baking… Google is an amazing tool you should totally research :slight_smile:


And I guess u never know… marijuana is an amazing plant and it wouldn’t surprise me if there is away to use it to help cure cancer :slight_smile:


Every strain cures cancer :joy:

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Soooooo well said, I could not said it better …
I also believe( just my own opinion) that different ratios between thc :cbd works for different types of cancer and different people…
It is trial, hopes and also some experimenting…
Or you can just smoke blueberry and be fine…
Good luck !


I think it REALLY helps cancer sufferers with chemotherapy side-effects. And that can save your life, if you would quit the chemo otherwise. People do.


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Here is a short list of strains that you may want to check out . We also carry most of these seeds. so check out our seed bank here:

What Are the Best Cannabis Strains for Cancer-Related Symptoms?
October 20, 2015

Almost every state with medical marijuana laws allows the use of cannabis for cancer patients, and considering the myriad of side effects associated with the disease and its treatments, it’s easy to see why. Cannabis can remedy pain, curb nausea, encourage the appetite, boost the mood, offer energy and motivation, assist with sleep, promote weight gain, and rekindle social enjoyment.

Cannabis and Cancer

Each strain has its own unique effect profile, and what might be effective for one symptom might not be right for another. For you and your loved ones going through a cancer battle, we’ve compiled a list of strain suggestions for each symptom type, as well as some general guidance for managing pain, nausea, appetite loss, depression, and fatigue with cannabis.

Treating Pain with Cannabis
Strains containing high levels of both THC and CBD tend to be the most effective pain relievers due to their synergistic effects, but strains abundant in either of these cannabinoids may also do the trick.

Blackberry Kush cannabis strain tile Blacberry Kush cannabis strain effects

Blackberry Kush is a THC-heavy indica strain that crushes pain with a tidal wave of full-body euphoria and physical relief. This one will keep you thoroughly tranquilized, so save it for nights and restful days.

ACDC cannabis strain tile ACDC cannabis strain effects

ACDC is one of the most highly-acclaimed pain slayers in the cannabis world. This sweet, citrusy hybrid strain is a perfect choice for patients trying to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC.

Harlequin cannabis strain tile Harlequin cannabis strain effects

With a one-two punch of THC and CBD, Harlequin annihilates pain with minimal mental cloudiness. Keep this sativa on deck for clear-headed relief throughout the day.

Treating Nausea with Cannabis
Nausea is best treated with strains containing some degree of THC, and this relief is typically delivered most quickly and effectively when smoked or vaporized.

Northern Lights cannabis strain tile Northern Lights cannabis strain effects

The indica power of Northern Lights will keep you glued in one spot for a while, but your nausea will stand no chance against its stomach-calming properties. With impressive THC contents that have won it numerous awards, Northern Lights is some of the most potent herbal medicine available for sour stomachs.

Blueberry Diesel cannabis strain tile Blueberry Diesel cannabis strain effects

The Blueberry Diesel hybrid offers a fine balance of effects that are neither racy nor lethargic. Upset stomachs will settle while moods are lifted to new heights, making this strain a fantastic medicine for both mind and body.

Super Lemon Haze cannabis strain tile Super Lemon Haze cannabis strain effects

Need to stay up and active, but your stomach is keeping you down? Try Super Lemon Haze, a classic citrus-smelling strain with potent antiemetic properties and an energetic cerebral high.

Treating Appetite Loss with Cannabis
When it comes to dealing with appetite loss, high-THC strains are the way to go. Indicas tend to be the best hunger enhancers out there, but some hybrids can offer comparable relief with less of a toll on your overall energy.

Bubba Kush cannabis strain tile Bubba Kush cannabis strain effects

A descendent of the resin-packed hash plants of Afghanistan, appetite loss stands no chance against the high-THC indica Bubba Kush. It’ll help you work up a ravenous hunger, but beware of the notorious couchlock tendencies of this strain if you’re looking to stay up and active.

Skywalker OG cannabis strain tile Skywalker OG cannabis strain effects

So you need an appetite boost but not at the expense of your energy. A hybrid like Skywalker OG is a great option if you’re looking to sharpen the appetite without feeling overly lethargic. Instead, this strain offers a blissfully uplifting state of mind to keep you as positive as you are hungry.
Granddaddy Purple cannabis strain tile Granddaddy Purple cannabis strain effects

The high-THC content of this classic indica strain isn’t the only thing that will get your appetite going – Granddaddy Purple’s sweet aroma of berries and grapes will have you craving a fruit medley (and quite possibly a fridge full of various carbs as well).

Treating Depression with Cannabis

For depression symptoms, strains that boost both energy and mood tend to be the most effective medicines. The terpene called limonene that’s found in many citrus-smelling strains is also known to alleviate depression, so try sniffing out some other potential options on your next dispensary visit.

Super Silver Haze cannabis strain tile Super Silver Haze cannabis strain effects

Super Silver Haze is an esteemed sativa strain that revitalizes and invigorates happiness and creativity with a strong citrus flavor.

Chernobyl cannabis strain tile Chernobyl cannabis strain effects

Chernobyl comes loaded with a sweet aroma of lemons and limes, and has the remarkable ability to jumpstart your energy and mood any time of the day.
Pennywise cannabis strain tile Pennywise cannabis strain effects

Pennywise is the strain you’ll want if you’re looking for a more relaxed mindset, as opposed to the active and high-energy effects of sativas. What makes Pennywise a unique indica, however, is its high CBD content, so its effects are very clear-headed and focused as opposed to sleepy.

Treating Fatigue with Cannabis
As a general rule, fatigue is best met with a sativa strain due to their rejuvenating and energetic buzz, but there are plenty of uplifting hybrids to choose from as well.

Strawberry Cough cannabis strain tile Strawberry Cough cannabis strain effects

With a sweet strawberry aroma matched by no other strain, Strawberry Cough brings new life to both mind and body. This fragrant hybrid not only boosts energy levels, it also carries moods to heights that are hard to achieve when your energy is low.

Pineapple Express cannabis strain tile Pineapple Express cannabis strain effects

Hop aboard the Pineapple Express and it’ll take you straight to a place where euphoria meets newfound energy. Its tropical flavors are an added bonus, offering a spectrum of pineapple, mango, and papaya aromas.

Chocolope cannabis strain tile Chocolope cannabis strain effects

When you’re tired, it’s hard to motivate yourself into the hobbies and activities you once enjoyed. The high-energy sativa Chocolope can help you change that, as enhanced sensory awareness and focus help you rediscover your happy, creative side.


Thanks @garrigan62, this one is going straight into my knowledge book :wink::grinning: