Best strain to grow with big yield and high THC

best strain for beginners thats good for 5x5 tent high the and big yield any help would be great thanks muzz12

browse tru the beginner seeds section and find the one that are the best fit for your goals. Would suggest a fem’d auto…first grow is important to harvest asap. Regular strains can take up to 6 months. Auto’s will be around 3 months.

do not buy fertilized growing media…do not follow mfg’s feeding schedules…start at 20% and work up slowly. Get a good light…very important…and a PH n PPM meter set for $20 is essential.


Make sire to get some calibrating solution and reference solution for your ph meter

Ok thank you am using a blue lab

Blue lab truncheon is very good. I have one and wouldn’t be without it