Best strain for sleep or insomina

Hi all,
Been reading for a while, but this is my first post. I’m a long time daily smoker, 20years+, old time grower who has just started again after a 15year break. (no such break in my smoking). I’ve always smoked to help put me to sleep. I really struggle to sleep if I don’t smoke. I used to be able to buy good Indicas that would literally make me fall asleep on the couch if I smoked too much.
So I’m looking for the best strain to do this ? Literally knock me out when I smoke too much, or couch lock me. Particularly at the end of the day, so needs to be strong enough to “over-come” the Sativa I smoked early afternoon. (I almost never smoke before lunchtime, usually 4pm)

Just drying my first ILGM grow with Blue Dream & Gorilla Glue. Overall grow & yields have been great. I’m hoping the GG could do that for me, but my first few samples havn’t been that over powering.

I’m about to buy some seeds so any advice would be most welcome. Thanks in advance. :smiley:


Green Crack knocks me out something fierce. Crystal candy xl from sweet seeds is decently relaxing too, I tend to stay away from indica dominants because they tend to be the heavier one but if you want strains to really knock you out hold off on harvesting until you re at about 30% amber.

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GDP works for me, have suffered insomnia my whole life. I just make sure I eat before bedtime and 2 good rips of the GDP or else I’m up at 2:00 am with the munchies :love_you_gesture:


I made cookies using coconut oil & gorilla glue (in a MB2) they make me sleep & are long lasting, like 8 hours or more. make sure to have 30% or so of the tric’s turn amber as @GreenSnek said.

GDP is my go to sleep weed.

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Gummies knock me out no matter the strain I make my own very strong that’s also why I like gummies a lot easier to control doseage with small gummies I love my sleep now

Thanks everyone for the replies. I have some Green Crack seeds and was planning on growing them next but I thought it was energetic stuff, but I guess affects everyone differently.

GDP is in my top 3 to try, will definitely order some now based on these recommendations. But i’m wonder if I should try some 100% Indica (like Afghan or Hindu Kush, or even Bubba Kush) stuff first. Anyone tried these ?

Thanks for the edibles suggestion. I’ve tried making my own to good effect. but have only used energetic type pot, that makes me dance for hours, but even that knocks me out at very high doses. Unfortunately, I still feel knocked out when I wake up until at least lunch time.

If I used Gorilla Glue to make the edibles will it be more sleepy effect like when smoking ?

Hash Plant is a good one for sleep also.