Best strain for RSO

Hey guys my mother has brain cancer and I want to make her RSO.I have done lots of research about strains that for RSO but everybody say diffrent things.If any experienced grower see this message can you recommend me a strain for it ? I know that it must be a pure indica or indica dominant and high thc.But which one do you recommend?I heard about Critical Kush.It produces great yieldings and high thc.But I m not sure.

I recommend Robert Bergmans “Gold Leaf”. You want a strain high in CBD, as well as THC.

Some folks choose to find strains high in CBD and lower in THC for RSO.

Best advice is to look in our seed shop and read the descriptions provided in the “Medical” section of each strain.

Gold Leaf is high in both CBD, and THC. Highly potent, strong yielding plant.

thanks for advice latewood but dont get me Reviews of Gold Leaf everybody says fantastic but if it is fantastic why it is not famous.I can t trust it like I said dont get me wrong but I m thinking like that honestly.

I made my RSO from Critical Kush. Still fighting the Cancer but my body tells me if I skip doses for a few days. I am now working on Lavender Kush for my next batch. I believe it will help me sleep and heal from my medical procedures. If not help kill it totally.