Best strain for Pinene

Hi guys, I have been doing some research on the medical use of terpenes and am intrigued by what I am reading about Pinene. I would love to investigate this on a more ‘first hand’ basis and wondered what strains you might advise as best suited for cultivating this terpenoid. There are tons of opinions online regarding candidates but I have much respect for the opinions on the forums here and would welcome your input! Thanks in advance

Ahh Pinene. A pure good hearty terp…

Super Silver Haze was pretty loaded with it. It smelled like Sprite and pine needles. The breeder wasnt ILGM and I cant remember who made it… sorry.

I also had a piney minty leaning Cookies cross from Phenofinders. The pinene was strong with that one.

Its a smell you love to have in the tent tho! Especially amongst all the crazy terps u can find around.

Another one im betting is LOADED with it is GG. Seems to give you funky or fruity. But there should be some heavy earthy foresty phenos out there of it as well


Great to hear! I have some GG in the mail right now!