Best strain for pain relief: High CBD, low THC


Maybe a question best asked to your local cannabis dispensary or pharmacy perhaps?



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I ended up getting and ACDC clone which is supposedly same strain as
Charlottes Web.

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Really cool app called Lealfy, has hundreds of strains and some infomation on them plus thousands of reviews on those strains, ill be happy to look at it and post some info on it if youd like.

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Can certainly see why you’ve picked this strain, done well to breed almost all psychoactive compounds out of it, with an obvious huge cbd content for kevin. Hope this strain is all you hope.



If you’re worried about the smell in his dorm from smoking it you can always make it into canabutter and use it in eatables, if you make canabutter then you can make it into most things, cookies ,cakes,brownies, even just on toast or in potatoes or bread, any number of things but I have been told if you go down this route then start with a little bit first and use as required, you can get the recipe and instructions from u tube, another way of using it that I have just read about is in capsule form, I’d never heard or thought about doing it like that before,its in @Willd post if you’d like to ask him more questions, I’m sure he could either explain it in more detail or you could check out his post canna cap experiment, I hope this helps you and your son.



@FloridaSon were can I find that strain . Nepalese



I think I saw it at another seed bank before. You would have to google it since I can’t talk about competition sites.

The stuff I tried came from a guy that knows a guy…:wink:



Good Morning, Just wondering if you have tried Super Silver Haze? If so was it a strong buzz? Did it help with pain ?



I think that may have been @Hogmaster that grew SSH, but I can’t quite remember. Maybe @Savingpvtviper?

Damned CRS! If you look at the Bud of the month topics you’ll see who recently harvested some.

So many different strains on here…



Wasn’t me lol

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Where did you get these strains from?



CBD doesn’t get you high, and its applications are restricted entirely for medical purposes. It is largely responsible for a myriad of miraculous health benefits like Seizures, Inflammation, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Schizophrenia.



I agree with others that CBD oil is, in fact, the best solution you can find. This helps if you have trouble obtaining it for medicinal uses: I used it myself last month and everything went smoothly, now I even have my favorite for pain relief purposes.



I’ve found THC far superior to CBD for pain. I have extremely severe osteoarthritis in my knees, hips, and back and THC is the only thing that relieves it. While I wait for harvest I’m limited to extremely expensive vape oil from my local medical dispensary. Can’t afford to get very high on it so my dosage is pretty low.