Best strain for pain relief: High CBD, low THC

I am one of those weirdos who doesn’t like being stoned. I’m looking to make tinctures and oils from weed I grow (I’m 66) that specifically will deal with the RA pain I’m in, as well as my husband’s aches and pains. I believe what I’m looking for is a strain high in CBD’s and low in THC. I just don’t know what strain of seed to purchase that will best help me deal with nerve and joint pain. Can you help me? I’ll be growing in a garden setting in the high desert of New Mexico.

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Annie I’m no professional but I do know where you can get alot of information pertaining to high cbd and low thc count. Its called other than I♡GM of course lol is an app that is extremely helpful. Its helped me hopefully it works for u!!! Good luck…


Blueberry is a strain…very low in thc and high cbd
also I have this link

Hope this helps



Try, Robert’s “Gold Leaf”. Available in the shop

Hi, I am just starting blueberry I will post when i have more on this.

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You probably want to go with the pure indica to have the low THC but high CBD.

She says she doesnt like being stoned and is looking for a high cbd - low thc strain and you recommend a strain advertised as having a high thc content at 21%?? Interesting advice.

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We get a ton of stuff here in the forum to look at, he might have not noticed the low THC requirement. Give us a little break, lol.

Also, blueberrry is pretty mellow.


Sorry; If you were talking to me; I am legally blind. I missed the low THC requirement. I was under the impression that Gold Leaf was our strongest CBD strain. I did not take into account that it may have a high THC % as well. Peace :slight_smile:


I have a broken spine and i am in a wheelchair. I. Dont want to take pain pills anymore instead i would like to know what strain o is best for pain

Hi @jjjason,

I would probably still have to say the Gold Leaf might be your best bet, maybe even let it grow and harvest late with lots of amber trichomes.

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Tjanks. Gold leaf and nortern lights is what i will get nex

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The best thing i say, is google for Rick Simpson oil making. He actually recommend high THC for any forms of illness. Indica for calm, Sativa for energy.

I have found that Nepal does well for me for pain. I suffer from chronic gout and I have degenerated vertebrae that affects the sciatic nerve as well as the sacral nerve branch to the point of requiring crutches just to make it to the bathroom, which is another nightmare of its own.

I remember hearing of a Nepalese strain a long time ago and just assume (we all know how that goes) that it’s a new name for the old strain.

The effects for me are like a pain pill, but I smoke enough that I couldn’t really tell if the “high” would be too much for someone that’s not a chronic smoker.

I did convince my wife to hit it twice in a bowl after she was complaining of all her joints seeming to hurt at once. Eased her pain and helped her sleep. I would not recommend it for daytime use, since you don’t care to be “stoned” .

I hope you find your relief.

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Harlequin maybe?

I grow Blackberry Kush Auto for my headaches, sciatica and arthritis. Like you, I hate feeling head high. I’ve tried a bunch of different strains for my issues and the Blackberry Kush Auto has worked wonders for me. It’s THC content ranges from about 14-18% but CBD has about 1-2%. The high that it produces is more of an energetic and creative high, rather than the stoned, couchlock high. Hope this helps.


My Cannabinoid Naturopath recommended Cannatonic & AC/DC for high CBD low THC pain relief. It seems to work well for me. I have Lyme disease, chronic pain, tendinitis and Lyme arthritis

I too am interested in chronic pain management from a motorcycle accident I had crushed a vertebrae and broken legs so lots of back pain and arthritis. Would like trying two different strains, one for daytime pain management and still function and the other a night time knock me out let me sleep all night kinda smoke but I’m wanting to try auto flowering for my next grow. What strains in auto flowering for these symptoms would you recommend?

Also I have type 2 diabetes that I’ve heard marijuana can help with, anyone have any experiences they would like to share? TIA

Sour Tsunami & Cataract Kush, and Sweet Tooth are 2 of my favorites for pain :v:


Greetings to All:

My son had an AVM (Alteriovenous Malformation) surgery. Since then he has been having seizures every couple of months or so. He is 21 years old and is currently residing in a campus dorm in the US. He has a medical marijuana card and buys marijuana to help minimize the seizure. He is also taking a daily medication drug Kepra for his seizures. His doctor prescribed Kepra and but did not issue the medical marijuana card. The card was secured from another doctor.

I want to be able to control the strain of marijuana he should use so it can have the best chance of helping him versus make the situation worse. I do a significant amount of reading in this website and forum so I am at least knowledgeable enough to understand replies and suggestions.

The stain I am looking for will be one that will calm the neuro transmitters in his brain while at the same time allow him to focus on his studies in college.

We live in Southern California where the weather is desert like. We do not have snow and temperature can be between 65 to 95 degrees F but averages in the mid 70’s.

I plan to grow the plant/s indoor so there won’t be a lot of space. I plan to train the plant to limit the vertical growth and hopefully maximize yeild. In addition, give than my son (kevin) is living in a campus dorm where smoking marijuana is prohibited regardless of medical requirement, I am looking into creating a tincture using decarboxylate buds from the same plant.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and advise.