Best strain for outdoors in New England? my pick

I’m already thinking about next years grow and was wondering what ILGM strains were successful to New England people.
I grew super skunk and it was a very easy grow. I did 2 in 5 gallon pots and 2 in the ground. The ones in the ground got huge, one was over 7 feet tall even though I did some lst and topping. The buds were extremely solid and the best part is I had almost no bud rot or pm. Two little spots got a tiny spot of budrot where they were in contact with a nearby branch of a tree. The smell of the curing buds is like a skunk got dunked in gasoline but in a good way.
They also seem to be a very stable strain , they all looked exactly alike as far as color, leaves and bud structure. I just chopped the last of it yesterday which was just popcorn buds and they got so frosty. The latest I have ever left some growing.



@butchbrooks. I am set to watching. I am interested in the responses myself as I live in the mountains and we have a similar climate. I am in the process of setting up an indoor grow but, have always have been an outdoor grower and still plan to do so, when the weather permits.

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Girls scouts cookies extreme, that what I had this year. In the ground. Got 6 feet tall or so. One plant had a broken branch from hemp borer a while ago. It was a medium size branch on the bottom. After drying and trimming I got 1 and a half oz of good quality bud, just from one branch. Will be getting more seeds.
Will definitely be getting Bergmans Gold leaf too. I heard many in this area grow it. It does good outdoors.
Was looking into Green Crack. Might try it as well.

Is that area an early harvest location? Like beginning to middle of October?

Yes. One reason I chose the super skunk was because it has a slightly shorter flowering time. I usually harvest starting 2nd week of October.

@Alenka I grew gold leaf outside in Massachusetts this year. It turned out to be great. Only could have grown one more week but, weather would not cooperate

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How many oz do you average per plant, any idea? We had to harvest ours Oct 9 because the rains were coming, and there was some bud rot already

@Alenka I grew gold leaf and got a little more than 10 ounces without trimming, grew 3 amnesia haze and average 10 ounces also

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I grew ilgm gold leaf and Cali dream outdoors this summer, (VT).
Both were stricken with bud rot.

The Cali dream began flowering mid July, the gold leaf mid August.

I harvested the cali dream mid sept. It wasn’t quite done, but the bud rot was escalating to the point of diminishing returns.
I harvested the gold leaf mid October. It could’ve gone another 3 weeks, but once again, diminishing returns.

I’ve also grown skywalker og, Bruce banner, black widow, gdp, and Girl Scout cookies here in the past. All except the Gsc developed some botrytis at some point. It’s a tough place for cannabis in the fall.

Next year I’ll try Cali dream again, since it finishes early. I’m also on the lookout for a highly bud rot resistant strain.

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I got around a pound off the seven footer and just under a pound from the other three combined. Plus a ton of trim and small popcorn buds that I want to try to make dry ice hash with.

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Super skunk seeds are on sale right now, buy 10 get 10 free. Any idea how long seeds keep? 20 is too many, but it is a great deal.

How tall your cali dream plants got outdoors? Finishing early is a good thing for growing in this area. Sometimes fall weather does not cooperate at all.

They should last years if stored correctly.

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I grew in 30 gal cloth pots. Very little training other than fimming and lst. The Cali dream hit 7+feet. It’s the one in the middle left . The smell during flower is fantastic.



I agree 100%

My first grow this year netted 12.8 oz from three Afghan Kush from World Of Seeds. Grew them in 4 gallon pots, which I know doesn’t produce ginormous plants but made them very portable. They fought off the usual plagues i.e. PM, hungry caterpillars and bud rot reasonably well and were chopped between Oct 9th and 15th. Started bringing them inside anytime it rained once they started flowering, and they resided the last two weeks in my sunroom to keep them out of wet weather. Currently the buds are curing in Mason jars.

I enjoyed the experience, and figured I’d up my Indica game even more. Just ordered Bahlki, Chitrali #2 and Waziri seeds (plus bonus freebie Hawaiian Hashplant and Johaar seeds) from The Real Seed Co. All are landrace varieties that I’m reading are very tough and require little care and feeding. I do think the earlier-flowering Indicas fare better than Sativas in coastal Massachusetts, which works for me because I prefer smoking at night and getting stapled to the couch then the bed LOL. Guess I’ll know around this time next year how it went!

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I’m on the coast 9 miles north of Boston and did better with the sativa (amnesia haze) than with
The indica (gold leaf) must of been beginners

Someone I know locally grew Amnesia Haze last year and got something like a pound per plant, so that strain may be a winner for these parts!

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