Best Strain for Migraine?

Hello all,

Getting ready to pull the trigger on my first purchase.

I am growing because because while in Colorado I purchased a hybrid and my wife (1st time smoker) has had amazing results with fighting migraines. I live in Texas and don’t really want to buy from a dealer. I have done some research and gotten some good advice on this forum and feel that OG kush, Northern Lights and White Widow are three good choices for migraines.

However, I am curious to see if any one has any personal or anecdotal experience in this arena.


My wife suffers from debilitating migraines. What mitigates them best for her is sativa dominant strains. Super Silver Haze is her go to relief, but other sativa dominants also work well. Much harder to find but just as effective is Sun Drop (Slymer x Chem Haze). If you can find the seed, go with the Sun Drop. Huge yield, very resinous heavy buds.

I have heard from others that Thai landrace works very well. If someone knows of a reputable North American seedbank that has Thai landrace, please speak up! I see it in European banks but not so much here.


Hi!!! I don’t have any valuable input on this topic, sorry… but I’m going to watch this post! Migraine sufferer here and this would be awesome info! :v::v: Good luck on your grow! Keep a journal and post it! We love reading other people’s adventure stories! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD should help. It has when my sister gets migraines. I haven’t had one since my teens. I would go from extreme cold to extreme hot aka my temps would range from 90 to 106 when I had them. Not fun. Ice baths and extrememly hot baths to control the temperature flux.

Also use the search function as there is plenty of topics that deals with migraines. :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks WildBill. I will check those out also! Interesting, most of the recommended strains I have researched are Indica dominant.

Indicas are for a head high. Which could help. But your wife more than likely wants to be in control of her mind. This is where Sativas are a big help…I would lean to Sativa dominant CBD strains.


To be honest, she’ll use an indica dominant when the headaches interfere with night time sleep. Nothing like a couch lock strain to help the sandman. Try strains, record the dominance percentage and effectiveness. What works for some may not work for others. A log book is a handy thing.


Thanks BigMomma! I have only had one migraine in my life and felt like I wanted to die. Such debilitating condition.
When they legalized CBD here in Texas she started using that which did mitigate the severity, but they hybrid we bought in Colorado seems to stop it within about 20 minutes. And since she started using it the frequency of onsets has lessened also.

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Thanks MrPeat! I will.

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If she wants a head high and migraine relief, you could look at Garden of Green Super Critical Bud CBD. Right now their seeds are 17% CBD and 21% THC.

Fair warning this packs one hell of a punch.


I believe the Colorado hybrid was Sativa Dom.

I am definitely doing some recording.

I bought some flower CBD and she has enjoyed alternating the smoke. I prefer smoking the CBD also.


I use marijuana to help manage debilitating pain all throughout my entire body. I prefer Sativa dominants and CBD. I prefer to be clear headed. I have plenty of Indicas from the free seeds I got for each order I did.

The crap they sell in the head shops in Texas doesn’t do a thing for me. I wish it did. Gov Abbott is doing everything he can to make us suffer. He has stated more than once he would Veto any real Medical Marijuana program.

I drove to Denver 3 times to get some good stuff. Each ounce was $450 with a Veteran discount. I would get 3oz before heading back to South Texas.

My sister knew I was looking at buying land down in Southern Colorado so she approved me for growing.

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I bought my CBD flower online and love it. It is so much more affordable than the tincture and within minutes I get that relaxed feeling.

She approved you for growing? Do you have to have a license to grow your own in CO?

Me and my sister live in a house down South Texas way. She knew I was going to move so she said its ok to grow. If she wasn’t a manager, she would smoke daily as well. She loves what I grow.

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I don’t smoke due to headaches but , every time I do have one smoke always help , although since they are different they do have a different high to it , some will couch lock you some will be more energetic and clear gotta think about that as well

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Ha! I get it now.

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it makes sense, headaches are usually caused or exacerbated by stress and certainly a nice smoke will melt stress.

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Correct sir it does depends on the reason behind the migraine…

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I take a daily dose of simple syrup made from a blend of zkittle ,bubblegum, frosty gelato, and lemon mimosa. All of them are energy blends( with some having slight euphoric kicks) I find that the more feel good a strain is the harder you crash so only getting slightly blissed is better for headaches( and daily dosing can help long term migraines that come and go as opposed to only when you get them)


Everyone’s chemistry is different, that being said some strains won’t work. You have to find what works best for you.
Strains that are recommended for migraines are the best ones to start at. I grow for migraines, it really manages the episodes.
The following strains I’ve tried, and most I try to keep some of these strains in the tent.
Super lemon haze
Fire OG (Fire OG and OG Kush have very similar genetics but both worked some have citrus, some have a pine and some have both terpene profiles)
OG Kush
Girl Scout Cookies
Animal cookies

I’ve found that pine, citrus, sweet, earth, and black pepper smelling terpenes all seem to be beneficial to my chemistry.

Another factor to consider are method of consumption. I have found that edibles allow me to be more functional, but they’re also more effective than vaping. Sometimes edibles last too long though…
When my head hurts really bad, I’ll vape, and eat and edible at the same time.
The vape works immediately, then as the vape effects start to wear off, the edible kicks in. It’s a well rounded process, that has worked for me when I’m having a challenging day with migraines.

I’ll be more than happy to share what I know, this has been a trial and error, and some of it will be the same for you. One thing is for certain, you are not alone with migraine pain. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.