Best strain for growing in Humid tropical area

I’m Moving to Cairns in far North Queensland Australia.
Can someone advise on what are the best seed strains to get for growing in humid tropical conditions.
Wanting to grow out doors


Another from down under you want a sativa strain there great for the hotter climate something like a Afghan Kush all some other Afghan strain

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It’s a very humid area.
Is that strain more resistant to mold and fungus?

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I had 4 amnesia in a 4x4 tent in the garage, ( summer) 90+ temps , 65+ rh% and they loved it. Easy grow

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Would you suggest

Amnesia Haze Autoflower
Amnesia Haze Feminized

Fems are going to be better , some Autos are very demanding.

Any of them , search strains above and below equator and that should help you narrow it down to some strong possibilities of choices . But any type will grow in tropical environments but in flower you have to cautious for moisture and bud rot so yeah pick any and keep us posted !

I’ve never had bud rot, so I’m not qualified to speak on the subject. I follow VPD chart with good air movement and my girls love it. Every grow is genetics, cultivar, and environment dependent

Too much humidity can lead to mold. One of the most mold resistant strains out there is white widow. It’s a good all-around strain too. Easy to grow, good yields, and so on.