Best spray supplements

Hi anyone know what gd sprays are out for your leaves. Got a few rust spots I have researched this and seeing it’s a potassium problem. Would this also cause noot burn, tips of a leave are yellow?
Thanks ppl

Do you have pictures of your plants? Rust looking spots on leaves could be calcium deficiency, or a lockout condition too.

Hi there thanks for replying I’m new so still learning here are some recent pics of her…

She going into her 4th node she not had not noots yet just ph water, welcome all suggestions

Either slight nute burn or ec

Yh others r saying it slight noot burn, Iv not even started my schedule yet

Do I just ride it out and see wat happens or is there something that I cud do to help?

Nothing to worry about, the spots on the leaves look like damage caused by getting a little water on the leaves when watering and the light was magnified by the water drop and it burned a small spot.

The one leaf with a little tip damage is nothing more then a single leaf with tip damage.

Your plants are looking healthy, although compact.

Aw that’s gd to here really appreciate that… I did think that and leaves very big, she got nice node spaces… she is a banana bomb fem seed…