Best soil to use with ILGM flower power starter

I just purchased the line up from ILGM of Their flower power nutrients and I’m wondering what soil would be best for these nutrients?

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Personnaly, I use this

It’s a great soil and has to be use with a fertilizers program like the flower power nutrients from ILGM. You can use it from seedling to harvest.

It’s really a personnal choice when come to soil, however, here’s some key tips that you should take note :

Have a seedling friendly soil for the first month
If you transplant, do it after the 4th set of complete true leaves and if you’re doing it in a “hot soil” do not use nutrients until pre-flowering and begin the feeding schedule at a quarter strength and move to full strength at about 2 to 3 weeks of flowering stage.

If you do not use a “hot soil”, begin the feeding schedule at half strength and gradualy do it to full strength to match the beginning of flowering stage.

Hoping that’s helping you @Warlord854

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Thanks for the reply! I ended up buying Fox farms ocean forest soil I hope it does well

FFOF is a “hot soil” do not use it for seedling / sprouting, you must have a soil that is gone a be friendly to the first stage of the little one, otherwise, you gone a have serious problem. @Warlord854

If he layer the soil with miracle grow moisture control on the very top, and the Fox Farm on the bottom as the plant roots develop and mature it should not be to hard in the beginning are coco. Plus he don’t have to transplant with this method.

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Yoshi, it’s crazy you said that because I’ve been using the MG moisture control for all my grows from beginning to end. Here is a picture of one of my auto white widow in week 10 of flower

this plant was started from the seed in MG


I use Foxfarm on my seeds from start to finish I’ve done it with and without nutrients I have not had any issues with it being too hot with I L GM beans you should be fine