Best soil to use for a 5 gallon grow bag


Yes, you can do that. I mix FFOF with coco and perlite to lighten it up a bit. It works great.


@raustin - Thanks for helping me out with all of this!


No problem, just tag me if you need more help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fox farms is soil, thought that’s how you said you would start, may have misread… miracle grow has time release muted and most everyone doesn’t use it but good luck… I have used a miracle grow seed starter mix which is very low in NPK @Poseidon… hope you have an awesome weekend


It’s really hard to beat fox farm soil…I’m @Poseidon…it had a lot of great added nuted already in it, some like promix without the added nutes so they can have more control over what the plants get. It’s a preference of sorts, I have used miracle grow with success but don’t anymore…I love fox farms…


Thanks a lot !!

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I have used fox farm happy frog , and ocean forest
This last grow I used roots organics soil and prefer it over fox farm
Cannot go wrong with any of them
Happy growing and keep us posted on how it goes


just sprouted a seedling in jiffy pellets then put in a solo cup with ffof, the seedling will not use it until it establishes a root system. but do not put seedling in it right away, i did and got nute burn on my pineapple haze.


I mixed in about 25% perlite into my Fox Farms Ocean Forest to aid in drainage. I also added some Dolomite Lime to stabilize Ph. The mix worked great and I didn’t need to add any nutrients until late in veg.

I’m currently using Kind Soil with Promix Bx. The Kind Soil is pricey but it’s also a water only grow. No nutrients needed. I’m flipping to flower this weekend and have experienced 0 issues so far.


If you are using a potting mix, i wouldnt add coir. It already has sphagnum moss, forrest stuff ect. Im thinking youve got natures care by miracle grow. Id just add worm castings, bat guano something like that.


Okay my 2 pennies worth . I use fox farms ocean and have had good results it already has perlite in it but I mix in about 4 extra cups in a 5 gallon fabric pot and for me ( since I only grow indoors )
Never use fox farms soil with out mixing in some food grade Diatomaceous Earth . Ffof has a knat issue and once I am convinced it had spider mites so before it even goes in the house I dump it in a giant black garbage bag with the extras mix well and flatten it out on the asphault to help bake it and kill critters larva and eggs . Unfortunately this also kills good bacteria so I have to add some cheap Micronesia back like Mykos . Good luck and this all sounds like a lot but is not that bad and well worth the little extra at the start


Have to check out the kind soil @SilentHippie

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Great advice!! I am learning so much - trying to soak it all in. I keep swinging back-and-forth about trying my hand at hydro or 5 gallon grow bag with awesome soil … This first plant is a test … I think hydro is over my head … probably need to get a couple of crops under my belt and learn some more … Thanks for you help. Much appreciated.


Awesome advice !!! Thanks a lot!!

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Hey @Poseidon your everywhere mate on the site LOL, but your questions and enquiries are very interesting and Educational for all new growers thank you for that buddy. I grow only organic and I use only Biobizz Soil with the same line off nutes and also Bio-Nova nutrients they have alot off products but you can get the stand alone nutrients like just straight nitrogen or potassium or phosphorus and then they have there PK booster and all the rest right too the Ph up and down I love them all @M4ur could also tell you something about them he has tried also anyway mate il be following along and see how you go :+1:.

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If you want to see how the Kind Soil works, check out my journal:

KIND Soil Grow. Let's see if it's all they claim

I just flipped to 12/12 today but so far, I love the stuff.


That was a great read, @SilentHippie. I am looking at this product. I tend to research the shit out of everything before purchasing. Great advice and timeline on your journal as well!!


:joy::joy::joy: - The more I can learn, the better all will be… Given my lack of experience, my questions are rather broad :slight_smile:

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I use fafard “ultra outdoor planting mix” it’s rich in organics, sterilized, and not treated with fertilizer, which is a must when using a highly soluble plant food, mixing fertilizers unknowingly via treated potting soil can be disastrous!

I also modify by 25% perlite for drainage because I’m using highly soluble plant food (I mix my own).

Here’s a photo with a plant being fed grow food in the fafard 75/25 .


Well, hello there !!! You look nice.