Best soil to start with?

Yeah I’m in USA and somewhat close to you. Shouldn’t be an issue.

what strains ?

I bought the same one. I got a pH tester, A pot for pot, Coco, Permlite, foxfarm soil, light, grow tent, just need to pick up a fan, OH and I still have no seeds to grow, thats taking forever, but I have been practicing germination with vegetable and flower seeds.I decided to try a couple of different methods and see which one works for me the best. The autopot thing seems interesting but a bit much for me to try right now. I am trying to get my set up straight and then when thats good I will start my seeds (when they come).Glad I live in a part of the country that has long summers.

I am a beginner, never grew cannabis before. I just got my seeds and am nervous. I have 7 raised beds for fruits and veggies. I do great growing those. However never tried this till now. I am reading alot about coco grow. What is that? and How do I start

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Coco is made from coco husks, a renewable resource, it is also a soil less medium meaning it has no nutrients in it.
It also dries out quickly so you need to water ever couple days at first and eventually every day or 2nd day when the plants are bigger.
Also every water day you give nutrient feed with the water, this allows the plants easy access to nutrients rather than working to try and extract it from soil.

30% perlite and 70% coco is a good mix.

If your from North America we recommend Jack’s nutrients because it’s cheap and easy and it works well but any brand will work. Just remember liquid nutrients your paying more for water.

I am in upstate NY. So I just mix the perlite and Coco for the beginning stage?

Yes I am pretty sure he said a 70/30 if you read up a couple of threads.

zkittles auto

I got a 4x4x6 tent. An exhaust fan 195cfm, lights are parfact works RA1000, two oscillating fans, (I also have a active air intake fan for later). I also have vivosun super HPS 600w bulbs, waiting for the Adjustable Wing Reflector Fixture to come in and may switch out the lights. I germinated 3 zkittles auto seeds in distilled water for 24 hours and all three grew tap roots. I planted them in a solo cup with three slits on the sides for drainage. I am following Hellraisers journal. I got a TDS meter, pH test strips for the water. A pH soil tester. My RH is 41, temp is 77. My soil is fox farms. I also have a pot for a pot going as well. I attached pictures of my set up. Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed!

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Need a real pH meter! Test strips only give you a ballpark estimate. pH is logarithmic, so a 1.00 difference is a 10x difference in alkalinity.

Soil pH testers are garbage from what I understand… Only way to get a real pH measurement from soil is a slurry test I believe…

This is the one I see recommended here all the time

I’ve not used, so I can’t speak to its use, but I’ve only ever seen this one and it gets recommended time and time again…