Best soil to grow?

I recently had a poor experience with nut burn from my miracle grow soil so Im wondering what’s a good soil to start with?

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I use bio bizz light and all mix along with there line of nutes this is my current girl

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The Fox Farms soils are very popular. I’ve pulled 3 harvests from it fairly easily.

My intentions are to switch to coco for my next batch of indoor seeds.


I’m using Coast of Maine Stoneington blend very happy


My soil: 4 parts coco coir, 1 part composted manure/wormcastings. and about 1 part perlite. I amend that with Happy Frog dry amendments and top dress my plant once a month.

Fox farm ocean forest works for me. I add a little perlite, and some dolomite lime, but not sure if it’s necessary, just how I do it.

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Fox Farm coco loco would be my suggestion for a 1sr grow. It comes buffered with all the good nutes to feed for 4-5 weeks with water only. The plus to coco is you can water often versus soil and the potential to over-water :love_you_gesture:

First grow with this mix . Be careful as this is a hot soil . I fill up pots (7 gallon) 3/4 of the way with this recipe . Last 1/4 of the way I fill with fox farm ocean to give seedlings a buffer before they hit the good stuff. So far I’m impressed . I water once weekly with compost tea and reg ro water the rest of the time. So far no chemicals added and I’m impressed . The end grow will tell the tale though. Be happy to share the tea recipe as well. Good luck