Best soil once germinated

Hello. I am just about to germinate my seeds. I live in Australia and wondering which is the best soil to plant them in once my seeds have germinated. Looking at something I can buy straight from the store. I noticed on here they recommend miracle grow but it’s not sold here.
Any suggestions.


You want to one or two soils. If they are going into small cups to sprout then buy an Organic Potting Soil with perlite. (No fertilizers)

Depending on what they will live on later… Same thing Organic potting Soil with perlite and enrichments like worm castings and bat guano.

If you are going to grow in soiless mixes like coco or something then it would be better to start them in a similar soil mix.

Make sure pH pen pH up and down and calibration fluid are on your list!


ph up & Down

7.0 calibration fluid

I am in the US but I can tag over some of the AUS crowd for ya.

@aussie123556 @MissLadie

I need to make alist for tagging over, I forget who else. If you’re from AUS and want to help out your fellow growers a bit, stop by and let me know and i will add you to my list!


That’s an odd one since it’s about the last soil most of us would suggest?
Pro-mix HP/BX Sunshine #4 Fox Farms Ocean forest or Happy frog
lots of options but try to avoid time release fertilizers added


I use and will continue to use promix grow medium mixed with blood meal and earth worm castings and vermiculite

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@Thefuture hey mate nice to meet you,your local hydro grow store if possible will be able to help an might even have a selection of soil mixes to suit with some info on it aswell, :slight_smile:

Hey… Yea miracle grow is a no no… Lol im also in the USA… Where I’m located nothing i needed was sold in stores… Im awaiting everything thru either Amazon or straight from the company itself… Not to mention u can bargain better online… More options… If u need more help we have TONS of knowledgeable ppl here that love to help… Best wishes and happy growing!!!

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I thought you were in AUS? Ok, my bad kiddo, sorry about that! lol @MissLadie

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