Best Soil For Tent-Plants

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“hi what is best soil to grow plants in a tent please
and as at the moment i only have a fan in the tent
do i really need a filtration system? and where does the pipe go to from the tent as the tent is in my bedroom and i have very nosey neighbours.
also i woke up today and saw one plant gone like it was a week old, and then one yesterday gutted., could there be a slug in the tent?
they d/idnt go this fast outside”

There is really no best soil to grow in. In my opinion it is personal preference and what is most readily available to you.
As far as the filtration system I am assuming you
Mean a carbon filter etc. if so it is not necessary but if you have nosey neighbors I would think about getting one as it willhelp eliminate odor.
You could have pests in your tent eating your plants or mice or something. Hard to say without any pictures or at least a description of what the damage looked like.


Has anyone tried Bio-char and or wood vinegar

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I haven’t tried it by my cousin once said to me that its good. But still I agree with Jmesser80.

I have not tried either.