Best soil for autos?

What soil have you had the most successful autoflower run with? I was gonna try some ocean forest by fox farm since it seems to be quite popular, any better suggestions?

My best grows are ocean forest on the bottom 1/3 of the grow bag and happy frog on the top 2/3
Sometimes add 1/4 cup of worm castings to the ocean forest.
After soaking seed 24 hrs plant directly in the grow bag. Avoid transplants.
Can do the paper towel after soaking, but I dont anymore.


I would use something less hot since autos tend to be fickle about nutrients. FF Happy Frog might be a better choice.


I’ve successfully ran my autos in Foxfarm ocean forest. A lot of others here do as well

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I regularly ask at my local grow store about the alternative brands of soil they sell, but they always say the Ocean Forest is the best soil they can recommend.

You didn’t ask, but I recommend at least a five gallon pot. It will get you well into flowering before nutrients will be needed and will make your first grows less stressful and more successful.

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I’ve used soil from my back yard, although she went slow and didnt grow well. But I started using the ocean forest and all I can say is its quality soil. The nutes should last about 6 weeks from it. The biggest issue is the strain you use. I had a zkittlez plant that had a little yellow on its first set of false leaves. But after that was good. But my ak47 love it off RIP. It’s more of a preference of yours and the plants. Lol.

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