Best soil combination


I am a newbie and what was my first choice,“Blue Haze”. Should have read up on it more. Anyway I have blood meal and earthworm castings. What else should I use in my mixture and how much?


Garrigan has a super soil recipe in his grow journal. Search @garrigan65 post for @SmoknGranny secret garden.


Ok thank you.


Here you go @Arkilles :hugs: Soil mix for outdoor plants


Thanks but will this work for indoor as well.


I can’t say as this is my first time using it and I’m outdoors. But I can’t see any reason for it not to work with an indoor grow. I’m pretty darn sure @garrigan65 has a couple of topics you should check out :hugs:


If your talking about the soil.
It will work just fine either indoors out


Il pop by later Granny hope all is well with you and you lady’s. I hope there will be all good news regards your back my dear friend :v:️.


I’m going to try to update tomorrow sometime in the garden :hugs: