Best size water chiller?

So I’m looking to get a water chiller, has anyone have first hand experience with active Agua 1/10 hp or 1/4 hp units I’m looking into chilling 30 to 50 gallons if I do get the 1/10 of a horsepower unit I’ll gladly reduce my reservoir size to 30 gallons I’m just not sure how viable that is at keeping my nutrient as low as 64f-66f….am I at room temp is 78-85f regardless of time of year in that room.

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I bought the 1/4 horse as it was around $10 more.


Active aqua? What size Rez?

My rez was 30 gallons along with working solution adding another 25 or so. The 1/10th will do the job for you more than likely up to say 80 gallon rez. Unless you are suffering from excess heat or are nuking your plants.


My room temp is 80-85f