Best size end pot

Hey so I’m curious if there is a sweet spot here I know of root to shoot ratio. What is the ideal end pot for a indoor photo soil grow? My first 3 end in 3 gal pots but the soil is solid all roots. Would 5 gal be more ideal end pot. Then the same question with autos I’ve read they can be temperamental with up potting. I was thinking solo cup to 3 gal one go.idk I don’t have enough experience to know my preference so going for the most widely excepted I guess until I learn a few more things.


It depends more on how long and how big you are gonna groow your plants. 3-5 gal are normal final pot sizes for indoor grows unless you are creating a huge manifold out of your plant

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I did 3 gallon in my first and second grow, my third grow is 5 gallon. I’ve noticed the 5 gallons are obviously slightly bigger. It depends on your room you have, I wouldn’t run 5 gallon in my small tent but in my larger tent I’ll probably keep doing 5 gallon.


#5 (4.5 gal) Plastic Nursery Pots for auto’s with saucers and elevators.
#7 (6.4 gal) Plastic Nursery Pots for photo’s with saucers and elevators.
#10 (10 gal) Plastic Nursery Pot for single photo tent filling grow with saucer and elevator.

I’ve never understood why so many use small pots and do multiple transplants.


5 gallon pots is a good all around size for indoor grow.


I like 5 gallon pots. The type of pot is important. I believe a fabric pot will out perform a hard pot of the same size. And a rain science pot will out perform a fabric pot. With that said, my next autopot grow will use 3 gallon rain science bags. Many use 3 gallon fabric pots for autos.
I’m not sure less transplanting is any better than one or two more. I believe it has more to do with how you do it than frequency.
I typically go from starter tray, to 16oz solo, to 1 gallon fabric transplanter to final pot. I also have not grown autos for a couple years.


Thanks for all your help. Quick question I see lots of people using clear solo cups and doubling up with a colored cup. Is this so you can see root health but still protect the roots from light?

Yes, I bury mine in there permanent grow pots.


I broke down and bought a package of 5 ea. AC Infinity 5 gal and 7 gal fabric pots. They came in yesterday. My old plastic pots have been around for years and are starting to get ragged and a few have split. Last time I used fabric pots they were more like bury in the ground peat pots. Very thin, fragile and hard to use.

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I hope they do well for you. I think you will see a notable difference.

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I also buy the AC Infiniti grow bags.

They are extremely well constructed and worth the extra money.

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Ive used 5 gal.fabric pots for my auto’s and put them in from the very begining so as not to stress the plant with transplanting,and knock on wood they have all worked great,easier for watering also,not as often and once you get a feel for them youll know exactly qhe to water.

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Going on my list thanks. So your autos do yougofron germinate to grow plug or rock wool then straight to final pot?

Also is it just me but doesnt a 5 gal nursery pot seem smaller than a 5 gal buckets? Warning I do have moments of fugue states and ask strange/dumb questions lol

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5 gallon nursery pots are about 4 gallons.

I go from germinate straight to 5 gal.fabric pots(their peemanemt home).

I ordered a Rain Science 15 gal. and the correct size elevator and saucer. I had completely forgot about them. I hope I don’t find out why I had erased them from my minds eye. Anyway first grow under the incoming 650R will be a single plant photo in the Rain Science pot in the 3 x 3.

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I filled my 3x3 using a 5 gallon rain science bag. First time I grew a single in it.

I am thinking of doing another with either Afghan or Maui Wowie
I’d like to see how it progresses.


I just ordered more Rain Science. 4 ea. 5 gal. and 2 ea. 7 gal. The Madness!