Best set up to buy for growing indoors for a headache free experience

I have about a week to decide on which products and gear im going to need for an indoor grow operation. What are some of the reliable products available on the market? Im new at growing and growing indoors is even newer to me. I need to know all of the reliable equipment im going to need. Notice i said reliable. What are the good tents and lights and stuff…


Now this ia pretty open ended question. There are alot of opinions on what equipment to get. Mainly it depends on your budget which can get into the thousand of dollars, so basically you have to decide on how much your willing to spend!


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HLG (lighting,) AC Infinity (Fans or lighting,) Apera or Bluelab (pH and PPM meters.)


Gotcha… thanks… im looking and see so many different products. This narrows it down for me.


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You need good instruments to know what the root zone is doing. PH and TDS

You will be using supplements at some point (recommended).

Horticulture Lighting Group has a solid line of top-tier lights: they aren’t cheap but there are no deals when it comes to lighting. Be very careful of claims you see on Amazon.

There are any number of good tent makers. Just get one with a high ceiling. A 5 foot high tent won’t give you much room when you factor in lights, light distance, pot height etc.

AC Infinity makes the recognized best fan. Their controller offers you some controls of temp/humidity too. An oscillating fan (or two, or three) for inside the grow space.

Quality nutrients. A lot of us are using Jack’s for it’s ease of use and affordability. You will need an accurate scale to measure them.

For ease of use I recommend Autopots. This is a gravity feed bottom feed system that allows you to go days between waterings, depending on the reservoir size.

If you have crappy municipal water you will need to treat it. Most go with reverse osmosis and there are some inexpensive units available.

Little things like calibration/storage solution for meters. Buckets for mixing nutes. Media like coco, soil, peat etc. DO NOT USE MIRACLE GROW!! Timers are necessary to control lights etc. If you are in a damp climate you may need a dehumidifier.

Finally; grow with photoperiod seeds and avoid autoflowering as autos are much less forgiving of user error.

Good luck and post your pictures!


The advice we received, invest in good light and good genetics. We did both… found a good journal to emulate our grow.

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Yes,bi got a journal for what im growing with. My medium is Coast of Main Stonington mix. Right now im using Jacks petunia feed with it. But i havnt done any transplanting yet. They’re still in my homemade soil. They are growing slowly but surly. Not as fast and healthy as they could be but with the Jacks fertilizer, its giving them a boot. I only used it one time at half strength and they showed improvement. I just got hit with rain 2 days in a row. They’re loving it.


Thank you! This clears alot of confusion up for me. I have this bookmarked for future reference.
One question though, on the photo period seeds, they are the same as feminized, correct? @Myfriendis410


Yes all seeds currently offered by ilgm are feminized.

I agree go with hlg for lighting. You shouldn’t have any problems with light from them, but if you do will definitely appreciate their customer service group.

I can also get behind a quality ph testing device. Bluelab and apera fit this, you can cheap out on tds tester if you need to. Just be sure to know what scale it’s measuring on.

I think gorilla grow tents are best quality I’ve seen, but I also feel you can make a middle of the road tent work.

Ac infinity exhaust is the way to go, just don’t spend a bunch of money on the automation equipment unless you’re doing this with open checkbook. Best carbon filters are mountainair, but something like an ac infinity filter will probably do everything most need it to.


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Thank you very much. I got alot out of this. Its a big help. I will be looking into these products and i should have all the equipment in under 2 weeks. I guess im going to be an indoor grower after all thanks too ILGM. Ever since i joined this community. Every day im influenced into becoming a better grower and i learn something. Ive always wanted to grow my own. Its been a desire of mine ever since i was introduced to Cannabis.


If you stick around and active you’ll find the people here are very friendly and always willing to help. Would nearly be impossible to not have at least some success.