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I placed a good order, train wreck, pineapple haze, strawberry kush, green crack, sour diesel. When the envelope arrived it had white widow, amnesia haze, blueberry and northern lights, and they were all auto flowers, i ordered feminized seeds. Let customer service know. They asked for a picture, i sent it to them and they sent me my correct order and an address to send the wrong seeds too. So i got my right seeds, then the package i sent back gets returned to me for insufficient address. Took a picture and let customer service know and they said keep them. My Train wreck just flowered in my veg room, all of them, i let customer service know, its my favorite strain, they were going to send me some new one to replace it but i had all ready re-ordered it, so they threw in some Critical Mass, at my request, instead. Do i 'have to explain how happy this makes me or is it extremely obvious? I won’t order a different strain from somewhere else because they don’t have it, just wait, he’ll get it. I almost ordered blue dream and cheese a while back as blue cheese is another one of my favorites. Instead he had blue cheese the next time i ordered. Oh yeah and look at these Diesel CLONES, not seedlings.




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I think all of us feel the same way
ILGM runs a great shop with great genetics and I feel that it is just the best bang for your buck too!!


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You rock That was dumb on my part, thank you so much


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This is The “Train Wreck” that flowered in my veg room. The only bad part about it is I don’t know what it actually was to keep growing it, had a really nice orange and melon flavor. And yes i do see that now that im not freaking out, but can only post 5 replies today and wanted this picture off my phone


@CobyDanksJR awesome grow, and I’m glad you got the shipping figured out. I had a small hiccup, and all was fixed. Also very happy, anxious to get the beans started.
Welcome to ILGM, kick back, relax and enjoy the grow process.


This forum & seed shop are the Best. Like you said a month ago i was telling folks here what id like for Robert to come out with next & Bam there they were. I dont & wont go anywhere else!!!