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Hi everyone, I just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL. Everyone has been great here. I did not get first order np they re shipped them , they were smashed. Np again, they re shipped again, just waiting now for them. Your support group is great. Again THANK YOU ALL​:+1::sunglasses:.



Itis always nice to hear good news! :smiley:


first time ordering from there, and was thinking a little shadie after my order was placed back in march, but true to their word, my order showed up at my door as promised, with extra’s, would I use Robert’s company again, most certainly, ilgm is a company that stands by their word, and by the way, I soaked 5 beans, and 3 days later I have 5 healthy girls standing, thank you Robert, and the great folks at ilgm, will be in touch very soon for a re-order, your friend j.m.


You guy’s are the best! I was a little bit nervous as its the 1st time I’ve ever ordered anything online but everything was great! The best customer service I’ve ever received from any company bar none! Thank you so much for taking care of me like family! I’ll be a return customer for years to come


I have to say that I have been super impressed with the service! Had a few seeds crushed in shipping but no hassle,replaced and in the mail the following day! Everyone has been great and the information needed for a positive grow is at my fingertips!


Salt welcome to the forum . and Yes theirs a literal wealth of info on this site . If you need help what soever JUST chime out . :smile: Hammer


Thanks hammer I appreciate that! Still learning my way around but you will see me.:grinning:


@Salt .looking forward to it …:grinning: Hammer


Just received my 4th order from ILGM without a hitch. Paying in cash is the way to go and the fastest.
These are good people to do business with and I have yet to be disappointed with the beans. Also, a great resource from beginning to end of the grow.


7 day delivery. Impressed and surprised. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks.


I Just Want to Send a Huge Shout out to the team At ILGM
From the very first time I got Help in How to Order seeds from them to all my stupid question’s,
Then Just Asking like"How long do I kkep them in the starter medium ETC…
They sent me to this Forum, Awesome People I’ve met so Far,
So awhile ago I got the buy10WW get 10 Free, Sweet Ordered, got them in medium only 5 germnated, They sent 15 new one’s to me, Sweet, Not once did I say “You Owe Me” or anything along those Lines,
Ok So Had 5 Amnrsia Have Auto and 5 Gold Leave(Which only 2 startred) They said on my next order they would throw some in that didn’t start,I Told them I was not going to order any more untill I figure out What, I’m doing Wrong
They were like Fine just shoot an e-mail on next order and we will take care of you.
So What the mail Man bring today? 5 Gold leave and 5 Amnesia auto WOW
ILGM Your The Best
Thank You and Now you have a Costumer for Life
Thank You


Agree! most excellent service… I was a bit skeptical at first also about sending cash! but just as you mentioned, I got my beans in about 2 weeks~ popped in water and 3 days later 5 brand new little ladies! Blackberry Kush… first timer… AWESOME!