Best seeds for growing indoors

Good morning hope everyone is enjoying the weekend
any suggestions of the best seeds for a beginner that have high THC
i had tried Cinderella and 6 of the 10 seeds didn’t even germinate and the other 4 i had no luck.
i am extremely frustrated . i am looking for feminized , satavia high THC to grow indoors - any help would be greatly appreciated

Look up Purple Haze. It is an easy to grow Sativa dominant High THC.
There are a lot of references in the forum for proper germination. You can definitely improve your odds of germination with a little care. Get the free grow bible from this site.

Soak 24 hours in water with a splash or hydrogen peroxide. It helps if you have a heating pad for seed germination but can put the seeds soaking on a cable box or something to keep it warm. After the soak put the seeds on paper damp paper towel and fold over and place in a loosely closed baggies so it does not dry out too fast.

There are many examples / videos on Youtube that can help you out.

Robert’s Seed Shop has a directory that tells you which seeds are better for indoor and outdoor growing. I have not had any problems with seed germination from Robert.

As was mentioned, Robert’s Grow Bible has all the answers you need to get a good grow going, from germination to aging. It is a free download. Happy Growing.


@lynn4349 AK-47 is a pretty easy grow

How did you germinate? What do you mean about not having luck with the other 4?

I germinated both in soil and paper towel

The 4 that did germinate once they popped through they wouldn’t grow anymore, they got just barely above ground after about a week they didn’t getting any taller/grow and finally just died

I’m going to bet that everything was too wet, to start. No matter what strain you go with next, make sure your soil or paper towel isn’t too moist. Then, during seedling stage, keep them just moist enough.

i just moistened the paper towel and the soil i would just spray the top of it. i was using happy frog and i have never seen any soil that is so dry.

thank you i appreciate your help