Best seeds for edibles

Hello all,

About to try my first grow which 1/2 of will be making it’s way to concentrates for edibles. Is there a seed that works best for this? 1/2 of the house is Indica lovers and the other 1/2 is more in the hybrid camp.

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Purple punch , i don’t think a single person would turn their nose up at the extremely euphoric fun high you get with the punch, take an extra large dose and it’ll knock you out too.( great terp profile for smoking too)

Maybe LSD might be able to please, I have some in the mail now.

Mazar-I-Sharif x Skunk #1

The graceful LSD cannabis strain holds 55% Indica and 45% sativa and is a heavy-body, light mind Indica. It encourages the user to enjoy many stages of its cerebral high. This potent strain offers countless medical benefits, due to which it is loved and revered in the medical cannabis scene.

Really, anything yo like. If you have people who like indica vs sativa or ■■■■ versa, just do a hybrid. The higher the HC content, the more concentrate you’ll get… but the difference is really negligible.