Best seeds for Canberra

Hi there, any thoughts on best seeds for growing in Canberra?



hey buddy, whatever you want it is literally perfect conditions… :grin:
central west nsw, how many are u allowed to grow?

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2 per person up to a max of four per household, which isn’t too bad.

And I should have said also thanks for the advice.

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is there any other restrictions… ? how private are u? how big can u grow them etc… what do u want?

so u get bad frosts, if u wanted to grow auto outside in winter u would have to think about some sort of enclosure,

if it was me id be getting prepared for next summer, seedlings-veg inside under lights in from the middle of winter, for a couple of months then outside sept/oct into very large pots with living soil, or the ground, but they will be massive… by the end, so u have to think about what’s suitable… :grin:

welcome btw…

No other restrictions I’m aware of, I guess if you grow them in the yard you’d want them out of reach/sight of children and anyone else who might be offended. The laws are really about decriminalisation, which is great.

Yeah I’m looking at having plants ready for summer harvesting, but totally new to this so doing a bit of research and planning first.

are you wanting to grow inside or outside? :grin: how private is your yard? how cool are your neighbours? weeds pretty easy to grow, be gentle with them when they are babies, and then full sun from then on… buds get heavy and need support, and they smell… try to keep them out of too much rain in autumn… or indoors there are a few things to consider :thinking:

so the light cycle where u are means the will finish flowering april-may that’s just how they work naturally, autos… I don’t have much experience with, but if your not wanting to grow monsters, they may be a good option… there are good growers here of all sorts… :wink:

I live in the burbs but my yard is very private so I’m not worried about my neighbours, in any event I’ll make sure they aren’t bothered by them, after all it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So the broad plan is to start them off inside and transfer them outside when it warms up. I suffer from PTSD and I’ve heard good things about the benefits of weed in treating it, so here I am.


weed has many medicinal benefits and im sure we will find something that will suit you. there are people here who will be able to chime in with what strain has helped them, but sounds like a plan growing wise… :grin:

The other option you have is to start photos which now would be perfect time to do so and let those girls grow all summer and harvest a giant “mendo dope” style bush of a plant

Thanks Orb, what are photos exactly?

Photos react to the number of light hours for flowering.

Photoperiod plants essentially have their biological clock set by the number of daylight hours. When the days get shorter, it tells the plant to start changing from the vegetative state to the flowering state.
Autoflowering plants do things on their own schedule. In general(it can vary by strain), they are in the vegetative state for 6-8 weeks, then automatically switch to flower.
You can read more about the differences here:

Thanks Frosty

Living in the burbs with plants outside my give off a telltale odor. I’ve never grown outdoors but I know late in flower all,I have to do is open the tent and the house smells like weeeed. I suspect your yard my smell like that 24/7 until harvested.

Welcome to the forums.

Growing is a fun adventure with a lot to learn. You have come to the rite place for help. All questions are worth asking. So always ask away for any help you may need.