Best Seed Storage

Received my ILGM feminized seeds this week. I have some in the germination process now. Due to limited grow space, I can only grow about 4 comfortably. What is the best way to store remaining seeds? NOTE They may be stored for quite some time.

I recommend keeping them in a cooler, dry area, with a silica pack. I’ve heard of people using a tupperware w/rice.


Thanks for the help.

I have some seeds I had saved from 6-7 years ago and of 5 that I germinated I had 3 that grew. I ended up storing the seeds in a baggie and for 5 seeds I put 3 grains of rice in the bag then stored the bag in a light proof container with a silica pack in the bottom.

Cool, sounds like cool and dry, is the way to go. Thanks

What about freezing? I hope freezing is okay, cause I had some that were two years old and I finally put them in the freezer,…then I have some extra I just received and I have put them in the freezer cause I am sort of unsure.

I keep mine in my Gun Safe… Cool, dry, and safe lol.

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